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Politics Aside, The World’s Tallest Statue is an Incredible New Tourism Product for Gujarat and indeed for Indian Tourism!

From times immemorial, tourism in India was largely associated with the Taj Mahal. Afterall, India’s ‘Monument Of Love’ hosts an average of 70 to 80 lakh visitors every year. But apart from the many others on the national landscape we, as a nation, have not been able to add newer tourism products, not as many as India merits. In the last year, however, India has become home to the world’s tallest statue – the Statue …

India Global

Has The Pandemic Become The Catalyst To An Indian Fashion Revolution?

If Necessity was one important criteria for innovation, Covid impact has just proved that for the Indian fashion industry. Read what some of our leading designers have been doing during the lockdown era? Indian designers were going global. New markets were opening up. Sales were on an upward trajectory. The Indian design scene was booming. And then the pandemic hit. The world as we knew it, changed forever. And along with it, so did our …