Sri Lanka tourism stakeholders have come together to establish a single point of contact for updating travellers and trade fraternity across the globe. The online platform named ‘,’ under the Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance moniker, aims to create an enabling online platform and community to promote Sri Lanka, providing authoritative information on the situation,  perhaps aimed most at negating the bad publicity by the media.

The development has come about in the backdrop of dastardly terror attacks on multiple locations of Sri Lanka, on the Sunday Easter a few weeks ago, which left the tourism industry reeling in the Island Nation.  The immediate impact on the visitor inflow has been on the expected lines and registered a drastic dip. Media reports indicate that immediate cancellation rates have been as high as 41 per cent and it may take a good six months to a year for the situation to return to normalcy. 

Amidst the crisis, tourism stakeholders in Sri Lanka have struck a defiant note and are looking at aggressive destination promotion, besides negating misconceptions around safety and security. The website is a step in that direction.

The website intends to provide:

  • Security updates, with an emphasis on direct reports from police and tri-forces on the ground.
  • Press releases and blog posts that deal with the latest updates and developments in the sector.
  • Agglomeration of tourist-centric news from varying platforms, which will provide a snapshot of what tourists are experiencing in Sri Lanka right now.
  • Email updates – travel agents and tour operators can sign up and stay in the know.
  • Updates on upcoming social media competitions.
  • General info for travellers including key tourist attractions, logistical information, airport updates etc.